The Jones List: July 2020

What are we living and loving for at the moment? The Jones & Co girls share their inside tips on what’s hot and not! 

JJ’s List

What is our founder Jennifer Jones obsessing over this month?
What I'm loving:
Being able to travel in NSW again! We just had three glorious days in the Southern Highlands and South Coast with friends and kiddies. We stayed in this this Airbnb in Berry that was perfect for our group and so well appointed. We spent one morning climbing the sand dunes on 7 Mile Beach before rewarding ourselves with Salt Bush Margarita’s and Grilled Lamb Damper Buns at Bangalay Dining in Shoalhaven. The final pit stop was a browse at Few and Far on the main street of Berry. It’s our trade fair friend’s amazing homeware emporium and so worth a visit.
What I'm eating:
We ate over 100 (I’m not kidding) Abruzzo Arrosticini lamb skewers over the weekend! Small, tasty and with a squeeze of lemon and rock salt they are the perfect snack for a large group. My friend Dom brought his fornacella grill and his Cubo skewer-making box for the authentic experience. We sat in the garden sipping homemade limoncello while putting them together and then teamed them with fresh bruschetta and balsamic mushrooms. So much deliciousness!
What I'm reading:
I’ve just finished the memoir, "My Name is Why" by Lemn Sissay. I love his poetry and storytelling. It is so simple yet stays with you. One that resonates with me is this:
I am the bull in the china shop
With all my strength and will
As a storm smashed the teacups
I stood still
What I'm buying:
If one thing the pandemic has taught me it’s that health is wealth. As we approach winter and the colder months I’m stocking up on supplements to keep me fighting fit. My favorites are the Immunity Booster and Super Greens from The Healthy Chef. For gut health I’ve been favoring Happy Mammoth products – I’m especially loving their Fermented Happy Fibre.
What I'm watching:
I haven’t been able to watch this yet but I can’t wait to see Alan Bennett’s "Talking Heads" which has been remade this year. I studied the monologues as part of my A-Levels in boarding school in England and remember the original series well (who could forget Maggie Smith!) The new monologues feature an incredible cast – Jodie Cromer, Martin Freeman and Kristin Scott Thomas and more. The reviews have been outstanding! I just need to wait til it comes to an Australian network…..
Jen’s List
What is piquing the interest of our creative director Jennifer Sampson this month?
What I'm coveting:
An artwork by Ali Wood. She has painted quite a few of our pieces over time and I just love the way she uses colour. Her works feel timeless but modern and pretty without being twee and cloying.
What I'm eating:
Since giving up coffee this year, my new morning ritual is a Melbourne Tea by T2 that I either drink in one of our Chino Mugs or a Robert Gordon swatch mug that I’ve had for years and years.
What I’m reading:
This great NY Times article about the nature of fashion after a global crisis, war, famine or Covid-19 and how history shows, we all crave something new and, surprisingly fun in fashion afterwards.
What I'm buying:
Magic eraser sponges! So lame of me but really awesome for removing weird scuff marks on walls that literally nothing else will remove (also very handy for marks on our ceramics, incidentally).
What I'm watching:
”High Fidelity the TV series starring Zoe Kravitz. I’m a big fan of the original John Cusack film based on the book by Nick Hornby (who also exec produced this). This retelling of the Brooklyn-based, record store-owning, music-obsessed, unlucky-in-love Rob is pure brilliance with Kravitz at the centre supported by a ripper fresh cast.
The music executive producer is the imitable aficionado Questlove so it has the musical chops, with a great soundtrack that is the leading lady in every scene. Also Kravitz’s mum (the ever beautiful Lisa Bonet) starred in the original film which is a lovely bit of symmetry.
Breaking the fourth wall and talking to camera (like the original) is always a risky one and (apart from Ferris Bueller) is usually a dick move. But in the hands of this team it’s handled with grace and sensitivity.
What I'm listening to:
I just made a 15-hour epic playlist of all the songs I have Shazammed over the last two years. It’s kind of brilliant as it’s everything you like automatically but from totally varied sources. Everything from a cool bar on a night out to a forgotten ‘80s classic when you are buying toner in Officeworks (so glam!).