Jennifer Jones is the founder and heartbeat of Jones & Co. She believes in the core values of positivity, hard work and paying it forward. Her company, Jones & Co, is the embodiment of this.

A Childhood of Imagination and Possibility

Jennifer grew up in a world of colour, ideas and innovation. The daughter of self-made entrepreneurs, her childhood was spent in the Philippines. “I grew up seeing how my parents would make things and edit things in our house constantly,” she says. “Everything in our house was a sample or custom-made by my folks with the suppliers we used. I even had all my beautiful wicker bedroom furniture painted black by our factory to go with my punk stage!” 

But First… a Career in Fashion

She set a goal: to launch her own business by the age of 30. To further her branding knowledge, she launched herself headlong into the world of fashion, working for brands such as Pepe Jeans, Ralph Lauren, Nike, and finally, Diesel. 10 years later she was ready to take the plunge. 

Starting Small, Dreaming Big

And so, in 2006, Jennifer launched her own business, Have You Met Miss Jones. She started small; with a stand at a trade fair featuring a curated collection of stunning products from her beloved Philippines. Jennifer took her first order that day (with her parents standing right beside her) and 13 years later she still supplies to that same store. Her customer’s loyalty is the thing she is perhaps her proudest achievement; a legacy of the lesson she learned from the childhood observation of her parents’ behaviour. 

“My father taught me business skills and my mother taught me the creative side. And both taught me the importance of how to treat people in order to have a successful business,” she says. “They also showed me how flexible and nimble your life could be by having your own business.”

The Jones & Co Brand

In 2015, Have You Met Miss Jones evolved into a new brand: Jones & Co. The one you see today.

“The ‘Co’ represents everyone, and everything else that goes into making the most interesting ceramics on the planet. We would be nothing without the ‘Co’,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer and her Creative Director, also called Jen (great minds and all) , taking inspiration from all the little things they stumble across around the world. As well as their strategy sessions in cars travelling to factories, and late-night texts that fly backwards and forwards, filled with photos and ideas. The pair then work side by side with craftsmen in the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand to bring their ideas and designs to life.  

Spreading Happiness with Handmade Wares

A long-time resident of Bondi Beach, Jennifer lives with her husband, daughter and dog just a short bicycle ride from the sand. Living, working and raising a family in a colourful and creative community is crucial to the success of her business. As is visiting her customers and artisans all around the world.

 “We work closely with our makers to try to expand on techniques and skills they are developing,” says Jennifer. “We ask our customers what they are looking for and we interpret worldwide trends to our market. All with our signature feel good, happy and playful style.”

And once a punk, always a punk; Jennifer still wishes she’d hung on to that bespoke black wicker bed from her childhood home. It would make the perfect spot for her daughter to snuggle, next to her grandparents (still Jennifer’s biggest cheerleaders), plotting the next evolution of the Jones & Co brand.