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We take fun very seriously.

But then we have to: because we know that our handmade wares are gifts, either for you or someone you love. We see our job as bringing a smile to someone’s face.

 We launched Have you Met Miss Jones in 2006 with a simple idea: to give people the most interesting ceramics on the planet. Doing this isn’t a one- or even two-person job; it takes a team of wonderful people to design and bring to life our creations. So we changed our name to Jones & Co as a nod to all the hands, brains and hearts, all over South East Asia, that help us to bring our brand to life. Our philosophy is simple: to create beautiful homewares that our customers want to love and keep forever. There is a story behind all of our designs.

Jones & Co is predominantly a wholesale business, selling to over 1,000 retailers in Australia, New Zealand, France, Denmark, Dubai, Singapore and who knows where next. And of course we sell our wares worldwide via our online shop.


The Jones

‘Jones’ is for our founder, Jennifer Jones.

The Co

The ‘Co’ represents everyone, and everything else that goes into making the most interesting ceramics on the planet. We would be nothing without the ‘Co”. That includes our team of designers, our artisans, our suppliers, our tribes, our pets and our customers (yes, you help us too by buying our products and consistently telling us what you love).

Co is for colour

We love colour, in all its forms — splashes, spots, stripes and blotches. Actually we think people literally need touches of colour to get through their day. It is such a source of joy, that’s why it is at the heart of our designs.

Co is for community

Business is part hard work, part luck, and part the support you get from those around you. So many people — our long-term, loyal customers, family, friends and talented crafts people, have lifted us up. They say two heads are better than one…man then, we are blessed!

Co is for collectable

When you have something wonderful, you hang onto it. We make all our stuff with passion, talent and care, so our ceramics can be loved forever…it makes us smile to think of our work living on in homes and businesses all over the world. 

Co is for contribution

We are all about breeding smiles, so we have always, and will always donate to a range of charities. We think life is for giving back...nothing ever makes us feel as good as this. Check out our section on Charities and whom we’ve helped for more information.

Co is for collaboration

We are a small business that thrives on collaboration and connection. Being part of a team is critical. To feel connected. To feel creative. To feel like you belong. We care what our customers think, and we make every effort to create a working environment that is supportive, inclusive and dynamic.  

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