The Jones List — January 2022

The Jones List — January 2022

by Jennifer Sampson 09.02.2022

The Jones List — January 2022

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day. And we’re feeling good! Time to get stuck into 2022 with our very first “The Jones List” for 2022. We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas break and have a few likes and loves to share while we squeeze every last second out of Summer. 

First up, it’s our founder Jennifer Jones with her hit list. 

What my 2022 will look like

I’ve decided to simplify my life this year and only set myself one NY intention: to meditate daily. In 2014 I did my Vedic meditation course with The Broad Place, a school for creativity, consciousness and clarity. Since then, I have dipped in and out of meditation. But I could feel that this year would be the year that I would need it most. To really get the full immersive experience you should be meditating twice a day for 20 minutes. So far, I’ve only managed to stick to the morning one but I am trying to get some evening ones in there too. The effect it’s had on my life in one month is noticeable. I feel more centered and more calm. Since I’m a fire sign / Dragon baby,  I feel like I have less aggression! I thoroughly recommend The Broad Place’s website as a source of all good things. And I enjoy their Instagram for some meaningful quotes and funny memes. 

What I’ve been loving: kids toys!

I really hit the jackpot this year with Christmas presents for our five year old! After quite a lot of extensive research I bought her these things and every one of them has been a hit! 

Headbanz – this is a really funny game where all the players wear a headband and then have cards with items slotted in. You then need to guess what you are by asking yes and no questions. Here’s something that came up when we played – what is an egg? Someone said dairy which is so isn’t but then what IS it?

Outfoxed – a great whodunnit game where you need to use your detective skills to work out which fox raided the chicken coop! It’s a good one with young kids as you work as a team. Our daughter is VERY competitive so this one stops any arguments about who “won”. 

Robot Safari – this is lego on steroids! You build animals around a motor and then they come to life when you are done.  I have to say it really is quite exciting to see a Teddy Bear charging around the room!

Eyeclops Microscope – this digital microscope and camera lets you take photos and video. It really does zoom in so you can check out what denim, hair, lemon peel look like under a microscope. Really cool. Once Teddie was in bed I spent quite a lot of time walking around the house with this!

What I’m eating: a salad on rotation

This tropical summer salad is great as a side to a BBQ or on its own. I make a tonne of it as it travels well for lunch the next day. I love coconut and pepitas as a combo and never thought I could eat three carrots in one sitting but it’s possible here! 

What I’ve been watching

I had a great break from TV during the holidays but now that we are back into our normal routines (and long may it continue!) there is something so cosy about a show after dinner. I binge watched Love Me. It’s a great example of how Australian TV does a six-part study into the human condition so well. Starring Hugo Weaving as the stand out father it is the interweaving story of a son, daughter and father and their love lives. I found it heartbreaking but then uplifting in so many parts. Totally recommend! 

I’ve just started another Australian show – Wolf Like Me – with Isla Fisher. Wow, I did not see that plot turn coming and I don’t want to spoil it but I am just loving how this show does not conform to anything I’ve seen on screen recently. I’m three episodes in and really enjoying it! 

1883 – for fans of Yellowstone this prequel takes us back to how the Dutton family made their way to Montana. It’s all about the frontier and the pioneers and the landscape is stunning. Of course it’s cheesy but it’s also just easy viewing for a La Nina night in! 

What I’ve been wearing

The one Christmas present I have absolutely loved this year has been this Zimmerman cotton-terry kaftan. Is it a dress? Is it a towel? It’s both! And it has a hood! And fringing! And it’s Zimmerman which means you can legitimately wear it from beach to bar or boat. Which I have done! One thing I will say when it comes to shopping is sometimes it’s worth splurging on that one item you will wear to death over a cart full of meh things. 

Next up, it’s our creative director Jennifer Sampson. What’s been floating her boat this new year? 

What I’ve been reading

Before You knew my Name by Jacqueline Bublitz is a heartfelt and a lovely synergy between the “victim” and her desire to have her story told. Discovering who the two women are and who they become was well told and beautifully written with thoughtful writing without falling into the  usual tropes and glorification of a young woman murdered. 

Where the crawdads sing by Delia Owens. I’m really late to this party but I’m glad I showed up. It’s a little predictable at times but moving and engaging nonetheless. I found myself openly crying in parts for Kya, the protagonist. Brutal but visually such an immersive read, imaging Kya’s home, the marsh, her collection of shells and feathers, her watercolours and the changing seasons. I felt somewhat manipulated by this read though and can see now why it’s so polarising!

What I’ve been watching: movies

I’ve actually gone off TV series a little recently, I think I need the complete emotional arc of a film at the moment and don’t have the attention span to spread across weeks (as everyone is dropping things weekly again!) I’ve been catching up on Oscar-nominated films that I have missed like Kate Winslet in The Reader (amazing) and Tenet (no I didn’t get it). 

I also enjoyed The Power of the Dog by director Jane Campion. It is slow moving but thought provoking with character-driven performances that don’t patronise the audience and challenge thought after the credits roll. Real-life husband and wife Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemmons star. I’m never really a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch but his rigidity feels authentic in this role and works in his favour as Phil Burbank. 

What I’ve been watching: TV

And Just Like That: What is there to say that has already been said about this series? I’m a big fan, so it would need to be pretty dire to have me switching off (I’d probably still watch it then to be honest). I’m enjoying it, sure there are some really cringe *woke moments* but there is enough goodness and sparks to keep me happy. And really, re-watching the original series there were enough awkward ham-handed cringe moments in that too! I think the writing is more consistent with the original series than people think (it was never a show known for it’s writing let’s be honest) we are all a little nostalgic for the original SATC and forget how cheesy it could be. I love seeing how these characters have evolved and where they are in the world now, as they mean so much to us and seeing what age 55 is for them and seeing that represented on screen is great. 

The fourth season of Ozark has dropped and I’m knee deep back with the Byrds and loving every second. The only other show I will patiently wait each week for at the moment is Euphoria which is equal parts frightening (especially if you have teens) and incredible. I often wonder when I will be too old to still watch teenage drama but when it’s this good, who cares?

What I’ve been buying

Luggage: My family and I went away down the South Coast of NSW over Chrissy; driving with our two teenage boys. I’m a Virgo, let’s get that out there straight off the bat, so squeezing mixed-size luggage bags full of random stuff in the car does my head in. My kids never put anything back in their suitcase and dirty stuff gets mixed with clean stuff and they change 60,000 times a day on a beach holiday. So, this year I bought five of this bag. One for everyone and one for towels. They got lined up in the hallway at home and all our clothes got packed in there, unpacked when we arrived and then chucked back in when they were dirty, straight in the car at the end of the holiday and into the washing machine at the other end. They are all blissfully beige and uniform too which pleases me no end. 

Sunscreen: This SPF from Mecca is a game changer. Amazing for sensitive skin with no breakouts and formulated to be light enough for under makeup. 

Swimsuits: These cossies from Andie Swim are the bomb. Comfy, well made and lovely and thick with added support for bigger boobs if you need it. JJ got me onto this brand last year. I have two pairs, both really impressive with how they wear and wash up. The reviews are great on the site so you can spend as little or as long as you like poring over them before making your choice. 

Hats: I’ve bought lots of “lampshade” hats this summer too. Well, that’s what my husband calls them, kind of a bucket hat on steroids with a larger brim. I’ve bought from Lack of Colour for a more spendy version and Cotton On and Aere for a keep-in-the-bottom-of-the-beach-bag version. 

What I’ve been listening to

I made this playlist for our annual Jones & Co boat day on Sydney Harbour last week. Am also digging the new album from The Weeknd, Dawn FM

And as always, I love a podcast. Here’s a few: 

And Just Like That: The Writers Room podcast

Every Outfit: episode 48 

This Business of Home episode with interior stylist Orlando Soria who I love. 

Who is Daniel Johns:  totally recommend if you are over the age of 30 and lived and loved the late 90s and early 2000s.