Designing, making, living, shopping for hand made ceramics

Designing, making, living, shopping for hand made ceramics

by Jennifer Sampson 31.01.2020

We are fully immersed in ceramics at home in Australia, planning, designing and dreaming our ranges most of the year, but there is never a time that we are living and breathing ceramics 24/7 than when we are visiting our makers. In cars, on planes, in airports, showrooms and factory floors we are in a deep dive of all things clay on these trips.

Every maker has a different look and feel, which is what we love so much about ceramics! It's also is how the medium keeps our interest and really seems limitless no matter how many items we create each year.  

When we visit Vietnam for example we always make a point of hunting out local ceramicists and meeting with them and finding all about their work and local production.

On our most recent trip we had the pleasure of visiting Hey Camel in Ho Chi Minh City. Located in Quarter 3 right in Saigon and owned and operated by Leandro who is the most delightful guy and who showed us around his studio/shop and was very generous with his time and local knowledge. We can't wait for March when we are planning another visit. 

On the way down the charming residential street to the store

Charming details are everywhere in Hey Camel

Leandro who owns and operates Hey Camel 

The light filled studio at the back of the store

Some of Leandro's fantastic work for sale (of course we had to buy something)!

We'll be back in March! If you are heading to HCMC make sure to visit Hey Camel - visit the website here for all the details and to see more. Read up on where we stay and eat in HCMC in our blog post here