Follow our cheat’s guide to planting out the Jones & Co range of mini planters and critters with our top five favourite plants. Hint: they’re all succulents.

We get a LOT of questions about how to plant out our Jones & Co mini planters. To help you out, we’ve compiled a super easy, cheat’s version on how to say hello to our little friends (and keep ‘em around for a bit too).

Our whole ethos is centred around making handmade things that you will want to keep and enjoy for decades to come. Items that give you that great feeling every time you breeze by — and not fill you with guilt about another plant fatality!

Follow our foolproof 10 step-process for planting out your mini-planters:

  1. Spread out some newspaper or plant out on a non-precious surface
  2. Partially fill your mini planter with some gravel at the base; about a handful will do.
  3. Spread it out into the corners but make sure you leave room for your plant.
  4. Now upturn your plant and gently remove it from its plastic container. Be super careful if you are planting out Echeveria, Sedum or Donkeys Tail as those guys are juicy and their leaves break easily.
  5. Tease out some of the soil away from the roots.
  6. Place your plant in the mini planter and start to back fill the gaps with the remaining soil from the plastic container.
  7. Once you are happy and the plant is surrounded with soil push the soil down so the plant is secure.
  8. Give your planter a wipe with a soft cloth to remove any excess soil.
  9. Now you can mist it with water or give him a small drink.
  10. Enjoy!

What plants should I choose for my mini planters and critters?

Not sure what plants will look great in which planter? Here are some great plant varieties to look for at your local nursery next time you have a new mini planter of ours to fill. (Hint: they’re all succulents — the absolute winner of indoor plants in our opinion as they’re so fuss-free!)

1. Aloe: this is available in lots of different varieties that like the indoors. They are readily available with little babies or pups on larger plants so you can always use a little pup in your mini planter and plant out mumma in one of our larger options, bonus!

2. Echevaria: there are loads of colours and shapes to choose from in this variety. In our experience we have found the darker the green foliage, the easier it is to keep as it can handle lower light situations! Blue-tinged succulents like a lot of light, as does anything with a pinky tone.

3. Crassula: we love just grabbing a cutting from a friend or neighbour and propagating a whole new plant in our mini planters. Crassula or Jade are perfect for this.

4. Donkey’s Tail: we love this gorgeous succulent with its rows of tear-shaped leaves. I mean, how cute is that little tail in one our kitties?!

5. Thimble Cactus: these need little to no maintenance and are a great fuss-free choice for our mini planters too.

How to take care of succulents?

Whichever variety you choose, make sure to give your mini planter plenty of light, water sparingly (or try misting the lil guy instead) and in winter, reduce watering right back.

Two more handy hints

  1. Ask your friendly nursery person which plants they have for terrariums. These are pre-disposed to stay small and not out-grow your planter too fast.
  2. Employ a mini-helper! Our mini planters are such a cute addition to a kids’ room. Planting them can be a nice little activity for small fingers, too. First, they plant them. Then they look after them.