The Spirit List #3 : Our Optimism Guide to 2024

The Spirit List #3 : Our Optimism Guide to 2024

by Jennifer Jones 31.01.2024

The Spirit List #3 : Our Optimism Guide to 2024

2024 is looking to be a fantastic year if you lean into what astrology, numerology and Chinese horoscope’s have to say! And to be honest even if you think there’s nothing in these modalities then you can believe in the power of your mind – for just as Napolean Hill said “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” So let’s all start 2024 believing it’s going to be the year for success, stepping into your power and making your dream life a reality!

Chinese Horoscopes:
2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon and it starts on February 10th until January 28th 2025. The Wood Dragon brings a wave of growth, success, prosperity, and happiness. Picture 2024 as the canvas on which you can paint the masterpiece of your dreams. This Dragon year, with its vibrant Yang energy associated with fire, is a catalyst for positivity. It's not just about the zodiac; it's about stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and turning your passions into pathways to unexpected success.

According to the Dragon Chinese Horoscope for 2024, this is the opportune moment to break free from the ordinary. Embrace novelty, pursue your passions with fervour, and turn those hobbies into professions. The majestic Dragon, a symbol of luck in Chinese folklore, signifies bravery, creativity, and innovation. In 2024, the stage is set for personal growth, professional success, and impactful social engagement.

As we kick off this Year of the Wood Dragon, let's collectively believe that 2024 is not just another year; it's a blank canvas ready for our ambitions, a year destined for success, empowerment, and the transformation of our wildest dreams into tangible realities!

Maybe it’s the year that you turn your hobby into a small business or start an Instagram page – after all Jones & Co started as a dream 18 years ago!
Numerology: 2024 is a ‘universal year number’ 8
A universal year number is basically like one big prediction for the year ahead, based in numerology terms. You get your answer by adding up each number in the year – so 2023 was a universal year number 7. 

Numerology serves as a spiritual compass, offering insights, higher knowledge, and insider information on your deepest desires—a bit like delving into esoteric mathematics. The Universal Year Number acts as a overall horoscope for the collective experience of the year.
As we step into the numerology of 2024, get ready to enthusiastically say, "Yes, please!"

Brace yourself for an abundance of blessings, as this year, marked by the powerful 8 Universal Year Number, is poised for themes of expansion, financial prosperity, and the embodiment of strength. It's your time to fully embrace that main character energy and flaunt it with confidence. Among the keywords resonating with the energy of 8 are leadership, power, karma, and infinity.
Again another big sign from the Universe that this is the year to step into your power and do that one thing that you’ve always dreamed of. 'Seize the day' as Robin Williams said in Dead Poet’s Society (a big movie for me when I was in my teens!) Carpe Diem!

Get ready for a tidal wave of energy in 2024! The cosmic stage is set as Pluto takes its transformative journey into Aquarius on January 21, a celestial move that will shape the next two decades. Pluto in Aquarius brings a phoenix-like energy, urging us to rise from the ashes by incinerating what no longer serves us.
This celestial shift opens doors to change our fates. Relationships will undergo
transformations, and our sense of self will fortify. The unseen will be revealed, reshaping our perception of the world. It's a moment to stop and ask: Where do I truly belong? Is it time to chase a different dream? How can I prioritise myself and my time?

Now, more than ever, is the opportune moment to set powerful intentions. Lay the
groundwork for your individual journey by defining your goals early on and believing in them wholeheartedly, no matter how nuts they may seem—even if others deem them slightly crazy. Amidst the potential chaos, this bold approach will unveil unexpected opportunities. In 2024, shoot for the stars and let the cosmic energy guide you to new heights!

All in all I can sum up that 2024 looks like the year to own your power and to use the forces already in play to make it happen. After all dreams happen if you do the work. I’m personally leaning into this year as much as possible – as a fellow Dragon (1976) and an Aries it looks like this is my year! Yay!
Wishing you all the best 2024 has to offer!