The Jones List June 2024

The Jones List June 2024

by Jennifer Jones 21.06.2024

The Jones List is where we celebrate life's small joys! Skipping grand adventures and home renovations to focus on simple pleasures: engaging books, delicious eats, and clever hacks that brighten our days. From kitchen gadgets to binge-worthy TV, skincare finds to unique auction treasures, we're sharing our favourite discoveries.


1. Vegetable Chopper – honestly I never thought I would get so much use from a
cooking device but it really is a time saver if you like making anything that uses a lot
of chopped vegetables like chopped salads, soups, stews, stir-fry’s….
It also makes a very satisfying sound when it slices through carrots with no effort. Check it out here.

2. Freida McFadden’s books – these are not the books that will change your life but
they are definitely page turners with good twists. I read The Housemaid in bed one
rainy day with snacks and that was a 10/10 way to spend time.

3. Binge worthy TV – Blue Lights on SBS for exciting Irish police drama, the new seasons of Hacks and Colin from Accounts for laughs, Gentleman of Moscow for Ewan McGregor and Boy Swallows Universe for local talent

4. Camp Lane Retinol Eye Balm and Vitamin C Balm. What can I say – they got me with their advertising and then their free for 14 day offer. It’s winter so the perfect time to attack pigmentation and wrinkles and emerge in summer years younger! Will
keep you posted how these transform my face!

5. Lawson’s Auctions – I got pulled into this site by the sale stylist Sibella Court is
having. It’s got some amazing things for auction and is great for bigger pieces. Just a nice site to browse and say to yourself – Now do we have space for a rust life sized deer in the garden….(answer is likely ‘no’)

Words to live by:
Your time on Earth is limited. Don’t try to “age with grace”, age with mischief, audacity and a good story to tell.