Styling Tips for your Jungalow

Styling Tips for your Jungalow

by Jennifer Sampson 07.07.2017

Plants are one of the easiest ways to make a home lived in, relaxed, cozy and healthy. They can be used singularly or in groups for bigger impact, they never grandstand or over shadow other design elements in the home which is great if you aren't that confident with interior design.

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Because they're not a huge investment you can also continuously play around with them, adding and moving to change the look and energy. Of course, there is no such thing as to many plants in the home!

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When choosing the planter; Think about your colour palette and keep within the scheme you already have if you are a novice. Think about your style ; are you Modern bohemian, relaxed, graphic monochrome, country, Hamptons or scandinavian.

This minimal plant-filled Chicago loft feels cozy, inviting and warm through personality, plants, textiles and curated pieces.

Add texture which is key for added personality and depth in the space. Plant match size and colour for added impact, like blue green foilage with a blue green vessel for instance. Try grouping similar plants together; Leafy with leafy, like Monsteria and Philodendron. Succulents and cactus look great together Try grouping one foliage colour like silver blue or one plant colour like terracotta.

b13f7bf6d383ba356041334526ae5390.jpg 750 × 1 120 pixelsPosition; Think about the space before you place your plant, as light, of course, is key, does my corner need height? Try a hanging planter or plant stand for an unused corner in the bedroom. If space is tight try a window sill or coffee table thats well lit.

thoroughly modern victorian.

Spaces: Top of kitchen cupboards or rangehood with a spiller plant is a cool way to enliven the kitchen. Try putting a rod over overhanging cupboards or bookcase for a hanging garden in multiples.

hang a copper rod in the bathroom right of wall cupboard, would need bracket on ext wall

Place a shelf in the window frame for herbs and succulents. In the bathroom for a decadent bohemian effect try filling all the edges around the bath with small planters, candles and mirrors.

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If you have a large area and need a divider use large plants like fiddle figs or banana palms in groupings as a room divider in a dining room, living room, office or shared space.

In the bedroom a hanging planter is perfect as it doesn't take up any floor space. Try a small hanging mini planter as part of a French hang on the wall. A Pothos or Devils ivy is a great one to use here.

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No view? Create a plant shrine with a barcart or low bench in front of a window to use multiple plants and create your own view. It doesnt take up much space but will create a focal point.

Get tips on all kinds of house plants with our guide.

In tiny spaces use two identical plants at either end of some vertical books for a cute way to keep organised. An unused cake stand in the cupboard looks great on the kitchen bench with small plants like cactus and succulents arranged in tiny planters.

Hard to reach to shelves or book cases are also great for a fern collection, a vintage or uncomfortable dining chair also makes a great plant stand next to the bed or couch.