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Pampas Trending

Posted on April 03 2018

Trends are just the funniest things, I mean, who started using Pampas grass again?  It's a weed in New South Wales! But like its other weedy counterpart - prickly pear, it's a pretty nice looking weed.

Here are some images via Pinterest to get you jumping those fences for the puffy white plumes...if you happen to be walking down the aisle in the near future, search for Pampas Grass Weddings on Pinterest and delight in the creative ways it's used - you are welcome. 

Pampas Grass - The Top Home Trends For Spring 2018, According To Pinterest - Photos

Suspended Florals / Pampas Grass

pampas grass centerpiece/mantel piece

18 Unique Beach Wedding Ceremony Arches

Pampas grass reminds me of my Papa and because so, I've always considered it the…

pampas grass arrangement huntandhost.netPampas Grass




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  • Natascha Milsom: March 29, 2019

    It’s on the banned list at the flower markets and is considered a noxious weed. So very hard to get hold of. But I do love it!

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