7 ways to become a maximalist

7 ways to become a maximalist

by Jennifer Sampson 02.03.2023

Are you tired of living in a bland and boring space? Do you want to express your creativity and personality in your home decor? Then it's time to embrace maximalism! Maximalism is all about bold colours, patterns, and textures, and it's the ultimate way to add some personality and unique flair to your home. We are all dyed in the wool maximalists here at Jones & Co and take it from a full Virgo, you can be a maximalist — without the clutter. Here are our seven tips to help you become a maximalist.

  • Start with a neutral base.

While maximalism is all about bold colours and patterns, it's important to start with a neutral base. This means choosing neutral furniture and wall colours to provide a blank canvas for your maximalist decor. If you want to embrace colour on the walls too, make sure you then repeat that colour tonally throughout the room.

Neutral base maximalism @matthewwilliamson

  • Mix and match patterns

Maximalism is all about mixing and matching patterns, so don't be afraid to experiment. Mix florals with polka dots, stripes with animal prints, graphic prints of different intensity's. Just look for prints with linking characteristics to use together, synergy in scale or colour, scale or theme. Mix in solid patterns to compliment the overall scheme - that's where the neutral base comes in! 

Mix and match patterns @lindseygoddardinteriors

Mixing different checks @matildagoad

  • Layer textures

To create a cozy and inviting space, it's important to layer textures. Mix soft fabrics in furnishings like cotton velvet, boucle and linen with rougher textures like jute and sisal. Then in your accessories ensure you are combining textures too, ceramics (hello!) with marble, wood, glass and metal.

Layering textures @allerdorset


More is more texture @thefabledthread

  • Embrace colour - maybe?

This one is controversial, Maximalism is typically all about bold colours, and we love colour of course, but if you are not sure on how that feels for you or are maximalist curious there is also a fun way to be a neutral maximalist. Introducing sharp black accents to a neutral scheme, layering books, photographic and print artwork in a french hang or a neat grid, sculpture, vessels, plants, oversized lamps and a graphic rug and you are on your way baby!

Neutral maximalism @barracuda_interiors 

Outdoor neutral maximalism @summerthorntondesign

  • Mix old and new

Maximalism is all about mixing old and new, so don't be afraid to mix vintage finds with modern pieces. That's the beauty of this aesthetic that within the walls of a maximalists home, your space becomes a canvas, purely a reflection of you. Your travels, your hand me down antiques or facebook marketplace finds. Trust your instincts, live with things you love and that speak to you and give you joy.

Vintage and modern mix maximalism @jpdemeyer

Modern and vintage @allerdorset

  • Add greenery

Plants are a great way to add some life and colour to your space. Mix and match different types of plants to create a lush and inviting atmosphere. Different species of plants really influence a look, a Maidenhair fern says classic sophisticate with a touch of English whimsy, a Boston Fern screams urban bohemian, a sculptural cactus or succulent can add a modern element  while an olive tree lends itself to a Mediterranean vibe. If you have a black thumb, look for other ways to introduce plants, like in a great print fabric or wallpaper.

Plant vibe @melindalp

Plant maximalism @cole_and_son_wallpapers

  • Have fun with it

By far the most important tip for becoming a maximalist is to have fun with it! Don't worry about following styles or trends – just choose what you love and follow a few key principles to create a home that is personal and unique. 

Fun pattern @ysg.studio

Fun times @meganelleby