Our top 10 interior design accounts to follow in 2023

Our top 10 interior design accounts to follow in 2023

by Jennifer Sampson 07.02.2023

 Looking for new inspiration in 2023? It's a strange state we all find ourselves in when the new year rings in, suddenly things that you lived with happily in 2022 drive you bonkers in 2023 and you want to redo your whole place! And, like,  yesterday! 

A great way to get some fresh perspective is with some new interior blood in your veins. We love to mood board and use Pinterest, Instagram and Canva to do so. Canva is great because you can put your own space images in the mix, your inspo and also save products, colours and surfaces you are keen on and move them around. You can deep etch with one click too, so it looks like a great magazine flat lay in a snap. 

To get your inspiration flowing, here's our top 10 follows in the interior space in 2023!

Handelsmann & Khaw


A little bit Tuscany, a little but Chateau Marmont - a lot stunning! These two ladies have the uncanny ability to transform a property into a timeless villa or a high end chateau and aren't afraid to throw a skirt on a vanity or tile a counter top. Never trendy, completely timeless but still of the moment.

Architectural Digest 


We are here for the celebrity home tours. Period. Favourites are Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent, Sienna Miller and Dakota Johnson. But you can learn something from every single one actually! 

Jeremiah Brent


Although very high end and a notorious lover of neutrals, he has such a divine way of making every moment seem so special and revered that his spirit is to be cherished. Together with partner Nate Berkus they truly never set a foot wrong in the design world (or fashion) and that is remarkable. Key take aways are always buy the best you can afford, use authentic materials - linen, stone, marble and buy, collate (he is king of the mood board!) and curate over time - not in one shopping trip.

Arent & Pyke


Australian royalty in the interior design world. We love their playful use of colour and pattern while staying high end and luxe. Striking the balance between comfort and elegance and always with an injection of the unexpected and spirit. 

YSG Studio


We love their unapologetic sense of humour in mixing materials and the unexpected. All in a completely luxe way. Sydney siders check out The Atomic Beer Project in Redfern for a glimpse of the magic these guys offer. 



Curated by Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood, Collagerie is a shopping platform that offers that uniquely English sensibilty. with incredible wit and charm in the interior space along with the uncanny ability to mix and match patterns like no bodies business. More than just homewares the edit includes fashion too - all the good stuff! Check out Lucinda and Serena's own Instagram accounts to see more of their own spaces.

Beata Heuman


Sweedish interior designer Beata's ethos is that "every room should sing". If you are a lover of whimsy and nostalgia, her designs will delight. 

Orlando Soria


Orlando started his career assisting Emily Henderson and has since carved out his own niche in approachable, affordable and chic design and is also, bonus -utterly hilarious and unflinching - basically just a good human being in your feed and he has a super cute pooch too!

Moroseta Homes 


A collection of holiday homes in Puglia by @masseriamoroseta A pure deviation from colour and pattern, for when you need some Italian inspiration - come here. Washed stone and rustic surfaces with utilitarian pottery and dappled light - ahhhh.  

Brady Tolbert 


Brady is a stylist but his content is so much more than pure styling. After buying a mid century house in LA, his account is a glimpse into his own renovation/DIY journey along with phenomenal photo shoots for big brands and homes. We just noticed he is working with Bobby Berk (Queer Eye) and if you have lusted after the transformations Booby does on Queer Eye you will love Brady too. 

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