Our 2023 TV wrap up - the best and worst!

Our 2023 TV wrap up - the best and worst!

by Jennifer Sampson 08.12.2023

Welcome to our 2023 TV wrap up! This year brought us a mix of outstanding series and a few that left us questioning our viewing choices. We'll take you through the gems, the duds, and the surprises, offering insights into what's worth your screen time this Summer holiday and what you might want to skip. From thrilling spy adventures to heartwarming dramas, quirky comedies to thought-provoking satires, we've got the lowdown on the shows that had us glued to our screens and the ones that had us reaching for the remote. So, let's dive into the world of streaming and relive the best and the, well, not-so-best of 2023.

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 – The rapport between Martin Short and Steve Martin is a class act, even Selina Gomez feels less wooden playing against Meryl Streep this season. Plus her wardrobe is gorg. The gags land, it’s fun and charming and easy. Win.

The Old Man – So nice to see the charming Jeff Bridges in a role (again) as a retired CIA operative doing action sequences usually reserved for Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher.

Beckham — If you listened to Beckhams interview on Ruthie’s River Café’s podcast you already knew he was an absolute sweetheart with a passion for food. But this great short form series (produced by his company) will still be an eye opener for soccer fans and non-sports fans. Really enjoyable and his wardrobe organisation – gah!

Sex Education Season 4 - Feel like this became a little bit of a parody this season with not as much depth and character development but if you don’t love Eric, are you even alive? Worth it for him alone.

The Bear Season 2 - A slow simmer to start this season but the layers of flavour really build in this series to become a masterpiece. A few stand alone highlight character driven episodes make it an intense flavour bomb.

Deadloch - A must watch. Hands down the show of the year. Clever, funny and original. Lot’s of swearing so not sure if Nan will be into it but it’s an absolute stunner if you don’t mind a bit of colourful creative language.

Fatal Attraction - Please don’t. Save yourself.

Succession Season 4 – Absolutely savage – world class writing and performances. I recommend listening to the HBO companion podcast with each episode as it explores the motivations behind each new development. There’s a reason it was the most talked about water cooler, appointment show of the year!

The Last of Us - Episode 3 is stand out amazing, but the rest is for zombie lovers (or Pedro Pascal fans) only. Kinda slow for the most part.

Barry Season 4 – Phenomenal. Great writing and even better performances, that really inhabit the roles. Smart, witty, dark. Great series finale too which is a tough nut to crack.

Colin from Accounts - A gem. Another Aussie winner that punches well above it’s weight in charm and wit. Manages some truly laugh out loud moments and puts a fresh spin on the typical will they won’t they drama.

Fleishman is in Trouble – a faithful adaptation of the book by the same name. Clare Danes is a powerhouse as ambitious Rachel. Whose midlife crisis is equally compelling as Toby’s (Jesse Eisenberg) existential crisis. Really great.

Beef – Ali Wong is perfectly pitched and Steven Yeun utterly convincing in this crazy farce that escalates into the absurd as each episode unravels. It’s original premise and the fact that it’s from production company A24 makes it worth the watch.

Platonic – A sneaky delight hidden on Apple TV, honestly if you enjoy Rose Byrne (and who doesn’t?) and Seth Rogan’s dynamic, you’ll love seeing them in this totally watchable buddy comedy.

Ted Lasso Season 3 - Feel like this could have wrapped up in Season 2. I wouldn’t bother.  

Hijack – Ugh. Contrived, a waste of airspace.

Morning Wars – Absurd, space flights, John Hamm, caricatures not characters and they’re still talking about Covid. Hate watched every ep.

The Diplomat – Only made it to episode three. Ran out of puff for me.

Daisy Jones and the Six – Mediocre? Kind of like fast food, you watch it all then forget it instantly. Ok if you want some mindless distraction, I guess? 

Shrinking – Feelgood grief? Really awesome seeing Harrison Ford in this fresh role, overall its very well cast and acted straddling very tricky terrain of light/heavy drama.

Bad Sisters - Unmatched dark comedy that gets better with every episode in this Irish murder mystery. You had me at Sharon Horgan. Watch it then tell all your friends to.

And Just Like That - For super fans only, I think it jumped the shark this season. Felt like the last few episodes weren’t truly horrible but can the new self satisfied writers at least watch Sex and the City? The inconsistency in the narrative KILLS ME.

Drops of God - Only made it to ep 2 so…I know a lot of people really love this one so might give it another crack over the summer.

The Super Models – Awesome, loved reliving the 90’s through this lens. As a lover of a fashion doco, probably could have been one episode shorter.

The Idol – Yeah, nah. Cringe.

The White Lotus Season 2 – Fabulous. Over the top brilliance dripping with excess and privilege. A true satire that has you guessing right until the last episode.

Somebody Somewhere Season 2 – Deceptively simple but the kind of show that has you wondering what the characters are doing once the last episode finishes. Beautiful.