The Jones (Shopping) List: Mother’s Day Edition

The Jones (Shopping) List: Mother’s Day Edition

by Jennifer Jones 19.04.2022

We asked our founder and owner Jennifer Jones to tell us what’s been jumping into her shopping cart for Mother’s Day this year — and what she’d also like to see wrapped up next to her breakfast in bed on Sunday 8 May. Hint, hint. Over to you Miss Jones!

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m not a flowers sort of gal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve appreciated every bunch I’ve ever received. But my heart reeeeeeaaaaally soars with a fragrant hand wash or room spray. The more botanical and reminiscent of an expensive spa the better. This Mother’s Day I intend on gently guiding my husband and six-year-old daughter to the things I would really love to receive. And I’ll make sure that I buy what makes my Mum’s heart really sing, too. 

Taking the time to really think about gift giving is part of the love you show someone. Let’s go shopping! 

A luxe eyeliner
Sometimes the smallest packages are the best gifts! Such as this eyeliner from Victoria Beckham Beauty. Now who doesn’t want a pigment rich, waterproof, long wear eyeliner that comes in a range of stunning and unusual colours? If it’s good enough for VB then it’s good enough for me! The Satan Kajal Liner comes in a decadent shades such as burgundy, navy noir and olive and you can wear it smudged, winged, waterlined or on your lash line. Did I mention it’s waterproof? I’m getting one for my Mum and one for me! 

Start the day right
These perfume oils from Ayu are simply divine. I like to rub the oil in my hands and take a massive inhalation in the morning arriving into my day. My bet for Mum this year is the Perfume Testers which gives you 11 of their scents to test and blend. 

Rain rain go away!
La Nina has really put a damper on the summer. I’m not going to let her get away with ruining the autumn for me too. I love my strolls around my hood with my Airedale Arthur too much. A good rain protection is going to be key this year. I just love the colour blocking in this Lululemon anorak! And it packs down to a handy belt bag so you can take it with you when it’s not quite raining yet knowing when the downpour hits you are covered.

The best design book
One of my favourite all-time design books is Every Room Should Sing by Beata Heuman. There is such incredible joy and detail in every page and she is the absolute queen of pulling a room together with practicality and personality. Every house proud Mum would love this book — especially if they are NOT into minimalism! 

Wine and cheese
This is always my fail-safe gift to my Mum: a buttery California Chardonnay and a gooey French cheese. You cannot go wrong with this combination in our house. If you wanted a trifecta I’d add in a box of Haigh’s truffles

New towels from Hommey
My go-to cushion brand has just expanded into towels! I have about one million Hommey cushions on my couch and swear by their quality and service. Their new towels looks soft, luxe and in great stripes. As you know it’s all about the stripes these days! My fav is of course this red Spicy Stripe one.

Hands- and bag-free
It is so freeing to leave the house with nothing more than a tiny bag! I remember when I didn’t need to take a nappy bag anymore with Teddie. I felt so light! Well a phone holder is the next level – after all we are all just paying with our phones or Apple watches these days so what more do you need? I love this hand-beaded version and this necklace and keychain style

Handmade ceramics! 
Of course at Jones & Co we have got Mother’s Day covered! From the expectant Mum to the one who has everything. We’ve also got a huge range of vases for those mums out there who do love flowers the best. Elevate your flower game this year by teaming them with one of our hand painted creations! 

Bump vase
We made our Bump Vase to celebrate the female body and the wonderful form created by motherhood. It’s practical too. Fill with flowers or make-up brushes or pencils.

A vase with personality
Some have stripes, some have spots, some have swirls. All have the cutest faces! And the cutest tushies. Give one or give all three of our Beaky Vases to your mum this Mother’s Day. I’ve been desperate to make our own version of a “wacky” bird vase for years. I love this shape with his cute little beak and our signature bright colours. 

Green thumb – max size for maximum impact 
The textured surface and the natural colour palette of our Palazzo Planter will make an impact in your mum’s home or terrace. It’s a new larger wheel-thrown planter that makes a big statement on a bookcase or dining table. Add a plant to make this pot really pop.

Something sweet for her desk
Formed and cast from a hand-carved mould in matte bone china, our Casa Planter is made for the design and architecture lover. Inspired by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill and the perfect adobe house. I just adore this as a gift for a mum’s desk.