Meet the Makers : Our Terracotta pots from Ho Chi Minh City

Meet the Makers : Our Terracotta pots from Ho Chi Minh City

by Jennifer Sampson 24.10.2022

Meet the makers: our terracotta artisans in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, this incredible factory is a symbol of the products it produces. Humble, functional and classically unassuming, the artisans here produce our evergreen range of Tweed Pots. They have also been making our extensive planter pots in a myriad of colours for us for many years. 

Typically we arrive at this factory in the afternoon and the minute we enter the factory a heavy downpour cascades onto the tin roof and we are met with our new designs and rows and rows of kaleidoscopic pots under the cacophony of rain. Giving any iterations on the spot regarding colour we delight in the piece being whisked away and returned, repainted in the brand new shade we nominated only moments ago. That's the beauty of this factory: colour.

Our Tweed Pots are the perfect classic terracotta design

What makes them a classic you ask? A classic is an outstanding example of a particular style; something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality. Considering the Tweed Pot was the first on the market and is still just as popular some 10 years later, we think it qualifies! 

Why does everyone love them? The answer is colour. Founder Jennifer Jones says “The range began with four colours And now we have over 20 in this range alone.”

From the most subtle of sea glass green to the freshest chalk white, vibrant yellow and pink to the oceanic blues and crisp navy, customers can style their own look to suit your decor and colour palette. Perfect for use in all living spaces from coffee table to bedside, kitchen and bathroom. Handmade from terracotta and imbued with the most charming texture derived from tweed fabric; hence the name.