Meet the Maker : Our capiz shell makers in the Philippines

Meet the Maker : Our capiz shell makers in the Philippines

by Jennifer Sampson 24.10.2022

What is Capiz Shell? 

Capiz is a 1st class province of the Philippines, it is located at the northeastern portion of Panay Island. Capiz is known for the Placuna placenta oyster shell that is used for decoration and making traditionally lampshades, trays, windows and doors.

The outer shell of the marine mollusk, is found in the shallow coastal waters, our range of Capiz products uses traditional methods of production coupled with our own contemporary designs. The shells are layered, painted and laminated to produce a strong material ideal for our wall art, picture frames and this season - luxe serving trays.

Checking the legs on our new ladybug wall art


Capiz Shell Wall Art from Jones & Co

Handmade from Capiz shell and hand-painted with love, our wall art looks fantastic teamed together — or solo — on a small niche wall for an unexpected pop of colour and personality. We also create trinket trays and photo frames from capiz shell. 

How to hang our Capiz Shell Wall Art?

Our capiz shell wall art pieces are lightweight and ready to hang, with a handy hook on the back. Although they look amazing in a group, you can also team one with a framed canvas or group of prints. That's called a 'french hang'. Ooh fancy!

Waiting for hand painting

Mix and match our wall art designs to create your own bespoke collection depending on your wall size. Lay out your wall art on the floor beforehand and move around until you are happy. Then flip them over and measure the distance between the hooks. Easy peasy and no extra holes in the wall!