Mastering the art of the shelfie

Mastering the art of the shelfie

by Jennifer Sampson 04.10.2019

Some of us can throw together a few things around the house with little effort and somehow it all just works. Probably the same people that can chuck on any combination of clothes and embody an off-duty model while casually balancing a coffee on their e-bike without spilling a drop. 

Most of us however, have to work at the combination part. While we all should embrace buying well, less often. Purchases are now, well-considered and we hope will stand the test of time in physicality and also in the hearts of the owners. We want you to love the things we make and hang on to them for years to come. With that in mind we have put together a quick guide on how we put together a shelfie. 

Take your shelfie game from a five (or a zero) to a ten with some of our easy-to-follow steps. We've played with some of our new arrivals to show you how to master the art of the shelfie or any display around your home.

Colour is the anchor to any good shelfie or display. Above we have chosen our new Khamsa range as the hero colour palette. We used this as the starting point, try and stick to two or three colours (neutrals and green plants don't count here as a colour).

As in life, diversity makes everything more interesting. Your shelfie is no different! Layers of different shapes, sizes, textures and materials (ceramics of course!). Books, wood, woven baskets, candles and of course bringing it all to life with plants and flowers. 

Celebrate you and the things you love, your favourite books, frame up a cute squiggle your kids did, something passed down from your parents or grand parents. Just find a balance between your things and most importantly make it a unique display that you love and is special to you. We think our hand vases are the perfect quirky element any good shelfie needs. 

We like to think of any good shelfie as a landscape, just like mother nature made with natural hills and valleys. So create differing heights with books, stacked objects and beautiful plants that drape and offer natural shapes that change over time. Have a play around and see what works best for you, just do it with the confidence of an off duty model sipping a coffee riding an e-bike.