How we grew a Fiddle Fig like this

How we grew a Fiddle Fig like this

by Jennifer Sampson 31.07.2017

With the ubiquitous Fiddle Leaf fig becoming a really affordable indoor plant lately, more and more of us have them all over our homes (I have 3 but who is counting). With sourcing plants for our store in Bondi its hard not to pick up a few extra at the nursery when you have these options...

So here are our top tips for caring for your fussy but fulfilling Fiddle leaf fig so it will grow up big and strong like our guy here.

  1. Keep a consistent watering schedule, every 7-10 days is perfect.
  2. Water in the morning so any excess water evaporates & if you must have a tray, tip out any excess water after 30minutes.
  3. Fiddlers will naturally grow towards the sun so rotate them weekly to fix any awkward leans.
  4. Pop him or her in a draft-free spot that gets bright, indirect light all day with a few morning sunbeams.
  5. Mist the leaves every couple of days the keep humidity levels up.

Follow these tips & you’ll have a happy Fiddle (or three) on your hands!