Pro Series: How to style Simone

Pro Series: How to style Simone

by Jennifer Sampson 02.08.2021

The first in our pro-series where we ask our expert stockists all around the country to give us all their inside knowledge!

We have so many talented stockists around the country that do incredible things with our designs in their own stores and for their own customers. real experts in their given fields, showing their flair for merchandising and colour matching, interior design expertise or real knowledge and passion for plants. One of the most creative and jaw droppingly beautiful group of stockists are our florists.

Florists are a really special bunch (ha), it takes a hell of a lot of passion to get up at 4am and scour the flower markets several times a week, load bucket loads of natures gifts into your van, drive and arrive at your shop and start work!

We sent four of our florists one of our Simone vases and asked them to go wild with a bespoke do that inspired them, just for her. What is lovely is that most florists, even the fabulous ones – have to work within a brief, be it a budget or look. These ladies all enjoyed having total creative control over the arrangement and I think you will see the results show they have creativity to spare.

Julie Wallace Owner

Verda Flore

113 Mulga Rd, Oatley NSW 2223


J&C How long have you been in business/ and or a Jones & Co stockist? 

JW Verda Flora has been in business for 15 years and we have been a Jones and Co fan and stockist for 2.5 to 3 years I think. 

J&C What's your favourite part of being a florist?

JW I absolutely love the enormous variety and sheer beauty of flowers, and being a florist gives me the luxury and pleasure of being immersed day to day with them. I never get sick of marvelling at their form and how incredible they are. Although I really detest early mornings, I absolutely love being able to select every bunch of flowers at the markets. I love shopping in colour and searching for something unique. I love bringing it back to the shop and filling it with colour and texture.

J&C Most favourite flower and why?

JW This is an extremely difficult question to answer!!!! My favourite can change day to day. I adore hellebore, dark crimson peonies (of which I have a 1.5 metre framed photograph on my wall which I adore) and white lilac… close second are dahlias, David Austin roses and hybrid delphinium. I’m a bit of an old fashion gal when it comes to flowers.  

J&C What was your inspiration for this arrangement? 

JW Simone has such a Retro feel that she just needed to be transported back to the 1920’s in a felt cloche hat with a bold floral feature drawn right down to enhance her perfectly pouting lips. She’s a stunner! I can imagine her at a Gatsby extravaganza. 



Wendy Day Owner  

Renmark Flower House  

141 Murray Avenue 

Renmark South Australia


J&C How long have you been in business/ and or a Jones & Co stockist? 

 WD My career in floristry started 21 years ago part time , and eventually after having two amazing boys and also working many years in admin and dental nursing i took the huge leap into opening my own shop front florist three years ago . Since opening my business 3 years ago and absolutely love all of our face vase family and the amazing pots and planters that have so much uniqueness and character about them all.

J&C What's your favourite part of being a florist? 

WD Making people smile and being able to actually see the joy that my flowers bring to people, and spreading love for those that want to express it. Flowers being the messenger in between for so many different occasions which is a real honour, whether they be flowers for love, lost love, for great excitement or achievement occasions or in times of deep sorrow or sadness flowers are the bridge between people for all of these things which is kind of pretty special and very cool to be a part of. 

And also my love of being able to just be creative (when time permits of course ).

J&C Most favourite flower and why? 

WD This is actually a hard one for me as I really love them all , so many different textures , forms, colours, all so unique and alive .  They really are one of mother nature's real miracles.  If I had to pick one I would have to mention Hydrangea, growing up as a child it adorned my Grandparents verandah and then my own parents,  it's such a super stunning bloom. 

J&C What was your inspiration for this arrangement? 

WD Well there is a Hydrangea head in her, but when looking at Simone closely I thought she has a certain moodiness about her with her gorgeous big expressionless lips. And along with the fact it's been absolutely freezing here as we enter our winter months , so I went for an overall  moody look for Simone .


Sarah Cowley Owner

Haven & Sarah

33 Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon NSW


J&C How long have you been in business/ and or a Jones & Co stockist? 

SC Haven and Sarah opened in July 2014, We became a stockist of Jones & Co in 2016.

One of the first products we stocked were the animal mugs, which started our love for the unique designs that Jones & Co continue to deliver.

J&C What's your favourite part of being a florist? 

SC I love being able to be part of peoples lives, to bring joy and happiness on special occasions or create memorable moments through the beauty of flowers. 

J&C Most favourite flower and why? 

SC Lily of the valley is my number 1!  It has the most incredible perfume, its unassuming and incredibly hard to get! 

J&C What was your inspiration for this arrangement?

SC The empty head was begging for an explosion of colour!

I love creating tonal arrangements and the Peonies were my inspiration for the colour pallete.

Tulips are at their best in winter and who doesn’t love a few casual Phaleanopsis Orchid stems.


Sophie Maraldo Co-owner

Whimsy Florist

311 Elizabeth Street
North Hobart Tasmania


J&C How long have you been in business/ and or a Jones & Co stockist?

S Whimsy has been open for 5 years & has been a Jones & Co stockist since day one! 

We also have had previous florist’s that had a small range but not a big as Whimsy :)  

J&C What's your favourite part of being a florist?

S Being able to create & inspire - customising anything our customers imagine even if it’s small, love a challenge!

J&C Most favourite flower and why?

S Every day it is a different flower! 

But I lean towards fluffy big roses as they are so close to perfect & any other flower works with it!  

J&C What was your inspiration for this arrangement?

S I wanted to give her a sassy vibe - using all different textures to create a dramatic look for those lips! 



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