How to: Our Capiz Shell Artwork

How to: Our Capiz Shell Artwork

by Jennifer Jones 29.08.2023

Our beautiful wall art has been flying out the door lately and we love imagining all the wonderful walls it has been adorning. 

With this in mind we thought it would be good to do a little spotlight on this part of our range and hopefully answer some of the questions you may have.

What is it made of?

All of our wall art is made from capiz shell. This is the shell of the windowpane oyster which is eaten in the Philippines. The shells are a by-product and have been used for centuries for home décor and were used in windowpanes due to their translucency. We use layers of pressed capiz shell as our base for our original designs. We love the fact that there is a lustre and that you can see the different overlapping layers. You can see our blank tiles ready for painting below. 

How can I hang it?

As our wall art is light it’s easy to hang! All of the pieces come with a hook in the back (seen being fastened below) so if you’ve got the right wall type a tiny nail is all you need. Otherwise we suggest 3M Velcro or even blue tack for the smaller pieces.

Any suggestions on how to create a look?

Think of the unexpected places where you can add some joy and spark to your home. I have the fish hanging on top of a doorway so as you enter the living space they naturally draw your eye upwards and always make me feel happy. 

My daughter has some of the smaller pieces on her big pinboard in her room.

I love creating a montage of one or two pieces mixed in with polaroid photos washi taped to the side of my bed which creates a lovely relaxed and boho feel.

We also have created an art gallery in our small loo of our daughter’s artworks over the years and have mixed in lots of the pieces to create variety and scale.

What do some of your pieces mean?

We love to dress our homes with things that mean something to us and have designed our wall art with various special meanings in mind.

Evil eye and Hamsa Hand

Used as protection from misfortune and evil will the Evil Eye and Hamsa hand symbols have been used for centuries in many different cultures. A great symbol to have in the home to ward off unwanted energy.


The lotus flower has many meanings from purity to enlightenment. It is said that the lotus flower which returns to murky water and then blooms each morning is a symbol of strength, resilience, and rebirth.


The Om symbol which appears in our Fleur Om tiles is a is a universal representation of yoga and meditation practices.It is said that the sound of Om is the seed sound of creation and was the first sound made. The symbol of Om is a gentle reminder of peacefulness and oneness with the whole world.

Gardienne Angel and Bebe

Not only are these stunning but they are representations of our ‘angels’ that help us through life. We love the idea of them as christening gifts too.