Feeling mid century mood

Feeling mid century mood

by Jennifer Sampson 29.08.2017

We are loving a style that seems like, by definition a contradiction in terms, modern retro. At Jones & Co, we always feel the need in the home space to be constantly creating new designs that don't subscribe to particular "looks" or "styles". Creating new ways of combining things you love at home already with a few fresh additions is how we like to decorate.

So we are loving a look that straddles the line between a retro flavour (that we have always loved and created with such joy at Have You Met Miss Jones) but with a modern twist for the right now. We have dubbed it Mid Century Mood. 

inspiring art collection at caroline walls' home. / sfgirlbybay

Taking inspiration from some classic interior spaces, think an artistic residence in Paris, bookshelves filled with thumbed paperbacks, vinyl and art books, jostling for space with sculptures and ceramics.

black and white art collection. / sfgirlbybay

Maybe a nude etching adorns the walls, some collected pottery from travels abroad and a healthy dose of plants of course. An unexpected piece of furniture or quirky collection might steal some limelight, something with modern lines that is just for decoration. 

vintage decor in guest bedroom. / sfgirlbybay

Here is a sneak peak of our new pieces inspired by this look, wheel thrown monochrome planters that sit atop modern wooden stands. 


A collection of vases, cups and vessels inspired by retro artist etchings. We worked with an illustrator on these pieces to achieve the right mood and line. We wanted to keep them young and fun though, not too serious. They work great in the bathroom for make up brushes and lip gloss.

For more inspiration behind these pieces, check out our pinterest page here.