Behind the scenes: plant shopping at Wholesale nurseries

Behind the scenes: plant shopping at Wholesale nurseries

by Jennifer Sampson 26.03.2020

Jones & Co goes plant shopping at the best wholesale nurseries in Dural, in Sydney’s Hills District

Several times a year we head out to Dural, Sydney’s wholesale nursery wonderland to select plants for our trade shows and catalogue photo shoots.

JJ and I usually hire a van and fill it to the brim with top quality plants that we then proceed to try and keep alive while they serve their duty at photo shoots and are ripped from pot to pot for each shot! Only the strong survive in small business, that’s why we have compiled this particular blog — if a plant can survive the treatment we dish out it will survive anything! 

Jones & Co’s Picks for the Best Wholesale Nurseries in Dural

First stop: Alpine Nurseries for all of our medium-sized succulents and tropical plants. They have an incredible selection of great quality succulents (which are the perfect size for all of our pots) and some other varieties of tropicals like Philodendrons and Fiddle Leaf Figs. Their varieties here differ from season to season but you could really go crazy here filling trays with beautiful, fat-leafed succulents and tropicals! 

Second stop: Golden Gate Nursery, which has a huge variety of larger plants like fiddles, palms, pothos and ferns. Their selection also changes from week to week but they supply some of Sydney's most beautiful nurseries, eateries and florists so the quality here is outstanding. 

Third stop: Exotic Nurseries and Landscaping for their larger scale trees and shrubs that are brilliant statement pieces. Covering most varieties, they always have beautiful cacti and tropicals that we love. 

Dural: a Perfect Day Trip!

When all the plant shopping is done, we like to stop in at Golden Ridge Animal Farm. It’s also a great way to get the kids to tag along! Plus we love stopping in at The Wren cafe for a gorgeous lunch, like heirloom tomatoes with burrata. Yum!  

Can Anyone Visit Wholesale Nurseries?

Usually wholesale nurseries are accommodating to businesses that wish to shop with them. Some have guidelines in terms of quantities and minimum orders but most are flexible and it makes a great day out! You need to apply for a trade application beforehand, which you can do online. Spend your day popping from nursery to nursery.

Now it’s time to put those plants in some Jones & Co pots and planters!