Creating the perfect "snug" at home

Creating the perfect "snug" at home

by Jennifer Sampson 29.06.2023

Creating your perfect snug at home;

As the name suggests, a snug is all about creating a comfortable and inviting space where you can curl up and relax, preferably by a roaring fire (but 99% of us don't have that option at home)! So what is a "snug" you ask? It's a small room that's not too large, but big on warmth and charm. It usually sits away from the main living area which means it can have its own seperate aesthetic and palette to the rest of the house (bonus).

Blue room stacked with books

Cosy blue painted room with a check couch

Blue bookcases stacked with curated treasures

SNUG INSPO (Top to Bottom)




Wall timber panelling and warm colours can be used to create a rustic feel that's perfect for the cooler months (the snug originated in the UK) but JJ lives in Bondi, NSW so in keeping with the airy vibe of her house she set about doing some research on how to appropriate this look for oz without sacrificing the cozy. And if you don't have a separate room for a snug, don't worry! You can easily carve out a super cozy reading nook in your living room with just a comfortable armchair and a bookcase with a little smart styling.

Why create a seperate room for basically doing nothing of note? "It's the most indulgent family nest basically." JJ explains, "We have a young daughter who loves to read and watch movies just like her mama and we like to encourage TV watching as an 'event' and not just have the TV blaring in the background during all hours of family life." She continues, "With the TV being in a seperate room it creates such an atmosphere of intent, being ready to relax and do nothing but what I'm in this room to do! You reclaim the dining room for dining and craft, games and puzzles and the living room for talking and entertaining - it's fab destination."

Practice makes perfect - finding the right blue was critical 

One of the keys to creating a snug that's truly inviting is choosing the right colours. In JJ's case, she opted for a calming and enveloping blue - "Ocean Surf" by Dulux to be exact. This colour instantly sets the mood for relaxation and comfort, making the space feel cozy and welcoming. The blue hue adds a touch of serenity to the room, creating an oasis where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. "I was inspired by Lucy Williams' London home and her blue snug. She also has a brown sofa and the warm tones really complement the blue. My couch is a bit darker than Lucy's so I focused on introducing warm colours through soft furnishings and wall prints." JJ explains. 

Prior to this incarnation this room was JJ's husbands working from home office, "where design goes to die" they dubbed it as it had drab walls, ineffectual high shelving and was used solely for work with the door closed! So the brief was not only to 'snugify' it but also incorporate still a work zone tucked away in one corner. 

"Where design goes to die" - the before

To complement the blue walls, an oversized King lounge suite was bought in that's perfect for sinking into with a good book or for enjoying a movie night. The plush cushions and soft upholstery add to the overall comfort and coziness of the room. It's a perfect spot for snuggling up with a blanket and a cup of tea during the colder months with the family dog, Arthur.

Planning the gallery wall with collected prints 

To add a personal touch to the space, we created a gallery wall filled with colourful favourite prints. Some of which were sourced here. Including our own capiz shell wall masks. This not only adds personality to the room but also creates a focal point that draws the eye and adds visual interest. The combination of different prints and artwork adds a touch of playfulness to the space, making it feel even more inviting and welcoming. Keeping the arrangement high on the wall means no bumped heads when plunging into the couch too.

The fresh white shelving we installed in place of the existing shelves provides practical storage for books, blankets, and other cozy essentials. It also adds a clean and crisp look to the room, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the snug. The combination of white shelving with the calming blue walls creates a striking contrast that adds to the visual appeal of the space.

Our porcelain hightop sneaker vases (above) are a sentimental favourite of JJ's

Arthur is pretty "snug" here in the sun 

Creating a snug is all about creating a space that's cozy, inviting, and perfect for relaxation no matter your budget or size constraints. The choice of colours, furniture, and accessories all play a role in setting the mood and creating the perfect atmosphere. In our case, the enveloping blue walls, oversized lounge suite, and colourful gallery wall all contribute to making our snug a true oasis of comfort and family relaxation (yes, you too Arthur).