Create a bespoke gallery wall with our capiz shell wall art

Create a bespoke gallery wall with our capiz shell wall art

by Jennifer Sampson 06.03.2024

Creating a bespoke gallery wall with our Capiz Shell Wall Art is like crafting a unique and personal visual story right in your home. You can pick and choose from our vast range of wall art to find just the right mood that fits your aesthetic. The cool thing about using smaller pieces to make a bigger impact is that you can customise to your wall size. 

We love combining our wall art with existing framed prints and mirrors too. It adds a unique element in a salon hang or gallery wall that gives dimension to an otherwise flat display. We are NOT about cookie cutter interiors, why settle for the same prints that everyone has, you feel zero connection too and make your living space feel about as warm as a serviced apartment? We are all about transforming your space into a personal masterpiece, bursting with colour and character. Here's how you can curate your very own gallery wall that's as unique as you are:

Harmony in Hues Ensure your gallery wall exudes harmony by sticking to a consistent colour palette and theme. Just like selecting pieces for an art exhibition, choose pieces that complement each other. Whether it's a series of bright fish and shells or a collection of pieces that we have designed to sit together, let the colours and motifs flow effortlessly from one piece to the next. (Like the new Resort collection below) If you are using only a piece or two of ours and using other framed art you already own, select one central colour palette from the hero piece and revolve all of your colours around that.

Here we have combined a Capiz Wall art collection with a large canvas. 

    Weave a Narrative Let your gallery wall tell a story that reflects your personality and interests. Start with a standout centrepiece – perhaps the biggest piece featuring your favourite design. Then, build around it with complementary pieces that add depth and dimension. Whether you're a world traveller or a Mexican art enthusiast, infuse your gallery wall with pieces that speak to your unique journey. From your kids finger painting, prints from an artist you love or a framed kimono.

    Here in a child's room we have taken the colours from her little artwork and used playful aliens to compliment the canvas. 

      Frame the Moment

      Choosing the right frame tones for your gallery wall sets the stage for a winning display. Opt for frames that elevate the collection, whether it's sleek and modern or ornate and bohemian. If you have lighter woods in your floors and furniture, opt for oak frames and team them with lighter Capiz shell pieces. If you have a colourful interior punctuated with black elements, a lamp base or a coffee table – select black and white frames and let your colourful works take centre stage. A lot of our Capiz shell pieces have black details amongst the colour, so this will work perfectly.

        Picture-Perfect Placement

        Before taking out the hammer, experiment with different layouts by arranging your wall art pieces on the floor. Play around with placement until you find the perfect arrangement that balances composition and space. We like to flip the pieces over and measure the distance to the hook on the back of the Capiz shell piece, that way you get it right the first time. In fact, our wall art is so light you can typically get away with a removable Command hook. That way you can move them around all you like with no damage!

        Embrace Eclecticism

        Break free from traditional art forms and embrace the eclectic beauty of mixed media. Incorporate a variety of textures and materials, balancing our Capiz Shell wall tiles with frame-free textiles and wall baskets or a woven fan bought on holiday. Let your imagination run wild as you curate a gallery wall that's as tactile as it is visually stunning and unique. Below our wall art is combined with a woven telephone wire hook rack showcasing hats in different materials that complement the natural material and colours of the capiz. 

         With our Capiz Shell Wall Art, creating a gallery wall that's bubbling with personality and charm has never been easier. Let your walls come to life with our lightweight and ready-to-hang pieces, turning any space into a vibrant showcase of style and creativity. Shop Wall Art