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Ceramics shopping in Ho Chi Minh

Posted on April 03 2018

Being regular visitors to Vietnam is a honour and a pleasure. Through such frequent albeit fast trips we have become stringent in how any downtime is spent. Although our focus is on visiting our makers, we always seem to squeeze in some time to shop, even if its delirious at 9pm! Here are a few must do's when in HCMC next;

Tuhu Ceramics 

Where else would two ceramics designers go when travelling and looking at ceramics in our factories all day long? Ceramics stores of course! Chances are if you are reading this blog you love ceramics too, duh, so TUHU Ceramics is worth a visit!

"TUHU is a song bird in Vietnam, who lays her eggs in the nests of other birds. She borrows something of value to make another beautiful song bird for the world to enjoy." Taking traditional Vietnamese ceramic styles and giving them life again in modern shapes is Tuhu's ethos. Trying to keep the Lai Thieu ceramic craft alive, Tuhu preserve Vietnamese traditions by making fresh designs with time honoured techniques.

Set in a small shopfront amongst residential homes in District 2, the store is layed out with one large table stocked with indigo ceramics in the centre (above image) and surrounded by an eclectic mix of vintage dressers and bookcases through out. Homely and warm, the quality of the clay is heavy and substantial. Any blue lover will spend hours here pouring over the different patterns and effects. If your luggage doesn't allow for a whole dinner set, do what we did and buy some pieces for your jewellery storage. 

Tuhú Ceramics
Showroom & Store: No. 42, Street 41, Thaodien Ward, District 2, Ho chi minh city, Vietnam



We have visited this store in a few incarnations on many trips, they have recently opened this store also in District 2, it's situated in a charming little enclave full of artisan stores. Sadec focuses on handmade artisan goods created in villages and countries that span the Mekong. 

Mostly specialising in one style of beautiful organic fine earthenware porcelain made in Vietnam, this range is available in a myriad of sumptuous colours and sizes (seen below). From the smallest dish (to pop in your shoes in your luggage) to the largest vessels. They also have gorgeous flatware including bottle openers from Thailand (which may be easier to carry home). The prices here tend to be a little higher here at Sadec than Tuhu, which is priced more for the local market. 

Sadéc District Two

63 Xuan Thuy. District 2. HCMC. Vietnam


  • Tammy Allman: March 29, 2019

    My family and I used to live in a Thao Dien and we love the two shops you mention here. I have heaps of ceramics from both!!

    It’s such a little gem of a place that we miss very much

  • Maree moore: March 29, 2019

    Love the little plate in the down shot on the dresser. Looks like a flat bowl with blue sticks radiating from centre. 2nd photo of your treasure hunting. Please make something similar. Love everything I buy from you. I did buy before I opened an account. I still love my black mugs with the square glazed handles, so tactile. And my latest mug purchase will add to my collection of mugs in that shape. Thanks miss jones.

  • Kerry Caligiore: March 29, 2019

    Looking for pots to store honey. Pottery/ceramic.I’m currently in HCM

  • Helen Warn: March 29, 2019

    I read with interest this blog having been referred to it as a result of my Instagram post (see gehlskid) and comment on a Facebook page Desigh & About 200518
    As a great admirer of the ceramics distributed under the name of Have you met Miss Jones (and I collect them) I have been made aware that the designers are Frankie & Coco. Is this correct? I would like to learn more about the designers, their background and inspiration. As a collector find this information fascinating and adds to the appeal of what I collect. If I could attach a pic
    Info posted on Instagram @gelskid:
    “To produce ceramics in large commercial quantities would make items unviable, so designers in Australia seek out manufacturers in Asia. Why should these ceramics not be just as collectible as say West German ceramics just because they cannot be manufactured in the home country?”
    Look forward to contact.
    Helen Warn
    HRa Collection

  • rosa connell: March 29, 2019

    hello can i buy the large spot little pot – i cant see it on your website ‘shop’ only on the feature page.
    it has a light background with large black dots

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