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Pastel and Stone

Posted on June 28 2017

Looks evolve over time, the best ones take pieces of your existing collection and like your wardrobe update the existing ones to give a new lease of life without constantly re-inventing. Great rooms should be built over time, not in one shopping expedition or at one store. It’s a great thing to love one particular aesthetic but who want’s their place to look like someone else’s or subscribe to a tick and flick list of a particular style? Replica chair, tick. Certain table, tick. This style rug, tick. Boring. You’ll find pastels linked with lots of decorating trends, but all pastels, all the time can feel like living in a kids room or inside a cupcake store.

Instead we love the idea of re-adjusting our vision so by adding a new handmade piece on top of a crumbling patina or vintage surface we create something that exists no where else. Isn’t that awesome? Only you are the director of what your space needs and should be, sure we all need some help in fine tuning the details but sometimes we need to look a little harder at what we have before we rip it out and replace it. Could that pastel bathroom sink be super cool with a sharp new mirror? Could you soften the edges of your slick new sofa with some handmade cushions full of texture and imperfections?


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