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Indigo Vintage

Posted on June 28 2017

Our new Winter collection we were inspired by one of our all time favourite colours, blue. We always wanted to do a whole collection based in just one hue. The love of super-on-trend shibori and a shared history in a previous life of working with denim brands,  always made the use of indigo an intriguing and multi faceted form. We know the depth and variation you can achieve with blue, like no other colour it has infinate possibilities. Amassing a huge inspirational catalogue of blue fabric in every shade and images in every texture really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when you work in ceramics though! That is unless you work with our makers, who can make ceramics look like ANYTHING!

So on we went, looking at everything from blue hands which are the hall mark of an indigo dyer through to the use of blue through the ages in ceramics like willow patterns and delft designs. We wanted to explore more serving ware and table top pieces and thought blue would make a great partner for this concept as most people have and use blue table ware already and we loved the idea of these pieces being instant “vintage”. That gorgeous colour that is probably one of the only ones on the planet that gets better with use like blue jeans or faded paintwork on a well loved chair. This book is a great source of inspiration, Indigo – The colour that changed the World


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